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Dr. D.C. Pavate Memorial Visiting Fellowships In Cambridge

Dr.D.C.Pavate foundation was established during the year 1999-2000, to mark the birth centenary of Dr.D.C.Pavate who had graduated from Sidney Sussex College as Wrangler in Mathematics in 1927. The Dr.D.C.Pavate Foundation in collaboration with Karnatak University, Dharwad and Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge offer three visiting fellowships annually for a period of four months to be held at the Centre of International Studies / Department of Politics and International Studies, Judge Business School and the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics / Department of Material Sciences and Metallurgy / Department of Chemistry / Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge.The selected candidate is supported with funds of transport, academic fee and living expenses. It is intended to provide unique experience and equipment to achievers and to ensure their return to India.
The objective of the fellowship is to encourage the young Indians of merit, to pursue research on the topics relevant to India, at the University of Cambridge.
Candidates below the age of 40 years as on 1st January, who have secured a Ph.D., or a first class Masters Degree or its equivalent, are eligible to apply for the following fellowships. In addition to academic achievements, candidate should display enterprising capacity to make an impact on one’s environment, a drive to transform ideas into realities and one who pass already played a prominent role in a particular area of subject interest.
  • Applications are invited during the month of May each year. Selection is made by a panel of distinguished academicians and public servants in association with the Master of Sidney Sussex College or his or her representative, and a representative of the host Departments, Centres or Schools.
  • IV.i.Procedure for selection of fellows

    i.The applications shall be scrutinized and shortlisted by a ‘Short-listing committee’ constituted by the advisory committee.
  • ii.The short-listed candidates shall appear before the ‘Selection Committee’ for personal interaction.
  • iii.On the basis of performance in personal interaction in the ‘Selection Committee’ shall choose candidates for award of fellowships.
  • iv.If the ‘Selection Committee’ feels during any year that the candidates are not meeting the required standards, it may advise the University to re-advertise and invite applications once again.
  • v.There may be separate selection committees for the different fellowships or there may be a single selection committee.
  • i.The awardees shall pursue their studies at the respective institutions as per the schedule notified in the University Notification. Under no circumstances change of schedule is allowed.
  • ii.The Visiting Fellow shall submit the monograph of the academic research undertaken on completion of the term of Fellowship and / or with the approval of the Foundation, not later than two months of the completion of the term of Fellowship. It shall be of a reasonable range of not less than 75 to 100 typed pages of double spacing between lines or as prescribed by the concerned institution where research is undertaken.
  • iii.The Foundation/Karnatak University may examine and approve the said work (monograph) in consultation with such qualified persons as it may consider appropriate, subject to the decision of a special committee headed by the Vice-Chancellor, in this behalf. It may be published by the Karnatak University, Dharwad, in association with a reputed publishing house, at its discretion.
  • iv.Unless otherwise agreed to the contrary by the Foundation/Karnatak University, copyright in the work done by the Visiting Fellow at the Centre of International Studies/ Department of Politics and International Studies, Cambridge University, shall exclusively vest in and be the property of the Dr. D.C. Pavate Foundation/ Karnatak University, which will have the first right to reproduce the work in any material form; to publish the work and if considered necessary in association with a reputed publishing house as may be decided by the Foundation/ Karnatak University; to perform the work in public; to produce, to reproduce, to perform or publish any translation of the work, to make cinematograph film or a record in respect of the work; to communicate the work by radio diffusion or to communicate to the public in the same form or by a similar instrument; to make any adaptation of the work and to do in relation to a translation or an adaptation of the work any of the acts stated herein before.
  • v.The royalty, if any, payable by the publishers shall be divided in equal amounts in favour of the Visiting Fellow and the Foundation/ Karnatak University.
  • vi.It is made clear to the awardees that their spouse or children shall not accompany them to Cambridge as it would create hardship to the hosts to make arrangements. Further, the fellow shall not make any request for extension beyond his/ her term of four months. Such requests shall not be considered.
  • vii.The Visiting Fellow shall make a presentation of the research work undertaken at Cambridge at respective department/centre at Cambridge and at the next Award Programme as may be arranged by the Dr.D.C.Pavate Foundation and the Karnatak University, at Dharwad, as may be communicated to the Visiting Fellow. The travel expenses shall be provided by the Foundation.
  • viii.The Visiting Fellow in collaboration with respective mentor at Cambridge shall publish at least one research paper in peer-reviewed journal within one year of the submission of monograph.
  • ix.The Visiting Fellow’s performance shall be graded by the mentor in the host department at Cambridge.
  • x.The Visiting Fellow shall perform himself/herself during the term of Fellowship at Cambridge University, in a manner befitting the worldwide reputation of both the Universities and Dr. D.C. Pavate Foundation. Any infraction/violation of above said terms and conditions may lead to termination of Fellowship as may be decided by the Advisory Committee. In this regard, no appeal will be entertained.



Testimonials by KLE students - Arbaz Samsi

"The biggest single advantage of being at Cambridge was the opportunity to use the University Library. It has one of the largest collections of manuscripts in the world".

---- Arnab Goswami

Testimonials by KLE students - Arbaz Samsi

"My experience at Cambridge as a Pavate Fellow has been academically enriching. It was a pleasure to use the well-stocked libraries and the other academic facilities available here. Being here as part of the University of Cambridge itself is a privileged experience. I must thank the Pavate Foundation and the Centre of International Studies for the time I could spend here"

---- Manjari Katju


Dr. D.C. Pavate Foundation in co-ordination with Karnatak University, Dharwad and Sidney Sussex College, Univeristy of Cambridge, awards three Visiting Fellowships annually for a duration of four months each, to Indians of merit.