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About Dr.D.C.Pavate

Dr. Pavate had a brilliant academic career with the honor of becoming  “ Wrangler ” from Cambridge University in 1927. A visionary in the cause of education, he was President of the Inter-University Board, a member of the UGC, a member of the Executive Council of Commonwealth Universities, and author of several books in mathematics.   He was the Governor of Punjab from 1967 – 1973.  He was awarded `Padmabhushan' in 1967.

When he assumed the charges as the Vice-Chancellor of Karnatak University on July 18, 1954, he had a Herculean task to perform. The resources were limited. Fortunately, the University Grants Commission, which was set up in the year 1954, came to the rescue. Dr.Pavate had earned a reputation as a great teacher of mathematics at the Banaras Hindu University and an effective administrator in the Department of Education, Bombay presidency. 

The fourteen eventful years during which Dr.Pavate guided the destiny of this great seat of learning enabled this institution to be known all over the country as an eminent academic center of teaching and research. Very few Vice Chancellors in the country could command the respect that Pavate did. When people of Dharwad celebrated the 60th birthday of this great personality in the year 1959, the President of India Dr.Rajendra Prasad attended the function and praised the academic and administrative expertise of Dr.Pavate. The imposing magnificent structure, the Vidyasoudha perhaps stands as a testimony to his spirit and vision. He proved his administrative capabilities when he became the Governor of Punjab.

Dr.Pavate stands as a role model for the students and teachers. Hard work and commitment could definitely help a person to overcome poverty or any other setbacks. He braved all the odds and achieved the goal that he had set.  Dr.Pavate Fellowship has helped to remember the great services rendered by him to the field of education.